Executive and Leadership Coach

    Racial Justice and Inclusive Culture Trainer


    I'm a transformative spiritual leadership coach, an award winning entrepreneur, and an attorney by training. I began my career working in a civil rights attorney in Minneapolis and developed the “Positive Interactions” diversity training on race and religion, which has been used by Fortune 100 and 500 companies, government agencies, and public school districts. In addition to supporting workplaces to create positive environments I also coach Black and underrepresented leaders to overcome the mental, racial, and spiritual roadblocks to lead transformative lives.


    If you're looking for diversity training on Muslims, anti-Black racism, coaching for Black and underrepresented leaders or strategic planning for DEI you're in the right place!


    Below you will find an outline of my services and my approach. If you have a need for something you don't see listed, let me know, I'm happy to craft a solution for your organization! You can reach me at zahra.aljabri@gmail.com or book a 30 min consult here.


    Diversity trainings provide information and understanding on the issue of systemic anti-Black racism. I offer three different trainings. Each session can be a 1 hour talk or a half day interactive training.


    Systemic Racism Overview

    For companies initiating a meaningfully discussion on racism

    A concise review of the grievances, frustrations and demands of Black people. It begins with historical context and connects to the current everyday experience of Black people in America. Ending with ways to support efforts to create a just workplace and society for Black people.


    Identifying and Combating Racism

    For companies that want to move out of discussions and into action

    We will go over the ways racism may be impacting Black employees - hiring, retention and promotion - as well as Black consumers or clients. Participants will leave with clear actions to create a fair and comfortable workplace as well as ways to better support their Black consumers or clients.


    Achieving Racial Justice

    For companies committed to rooting out racism in their institution and society

    Anti-Black racism is affects every facet of American life, for companies that understand that they have capacity to change more then just their own polices. In the vein of Ben & Jerry's or Patagonia. This class provides employees at all levels a guide on how to be a thriving company as well as a force for anti-racism.


    These trainings provide clarity on the highly misunderstood religion of Islam and the Muslims who follow the faith. We also expose Islamophobia, which is the unsupported fear of Islam and Muslims based on propaganda, power and racism.

    Understanding Islam & Muslims

    For organizations who want an overview of Islam and Muslims

    A concise review of the faith and practices of the second largest religion in the world- Islam. Including learning the historical context to the fear and distrust that creates a rift between the West and Islam. We cover the link between racism and Islamophobia and how to challenge the lies that support it.  

    Religious Accommodation

    How to accommodate religious practice in your organization

    All faith practices are protected at work, school or in public and government spaces. Organizations learn how to accommodate employees and customers religious practice to improve effectiveness. Employees will also gain greater understanding to their rights at work.


    Leadership coaching and strategic planning for companies that understand their success will be amplified when they include and champion their Black and underrepresented talent.


    Leadership Coaching and Training

    For Black, Muslim and other Underrepresented Leaders

    This coaching program is designed to prepare emerging leaders to stand in their power, ready to contribute and drive company success in a post-pandemic economy.


    - 6 month training program for up to 20 underrepresented leaders

    - 1.5 hour bi-weekly virtual leadership coaching sessions

    - Sessions are interactive and personalized

    - Focus is on improving performance and contributions

    - Leaders have individual access to Zahra via voice messaging app

    - Pre and post assessment documenting leaders development

    - Bi -monthly check in with company contact to track progress


    Inclusive Culture Strategy Planning and Implementation

    For C-Suite and Upper Management

    Strategic planning for management will develop and institutionalize a culture that respects, champions and supports the best work from all, including it's Black, Muslim and POC talent.


    - 12 month commitment for up to 5 participants

    - Company audit to understand needs and gaps

    - Monthly 2 hour virtual workshop

    - Strategic planning to institutionalize a welcoming and supportive culture for underrepresented employees.

    - Set goals, monitor and track results, bi-annual assessment

    - 3 hours of 1-1 sessions available to management per month

    - Quarterly check in with company contact


    I use training and coaching to not simply inform, but TRANSFORM. I focus on results and transformation of individuals and companies. My approach centers of four elements:

    Honest Assessment

    Now it is critical to be clear and upfront about the mistakes that have been made and the harm that has been caused. Acknowledging the pain begins the path to healing and sets the foundation for true change.

    Uncomfortable Conversations

    Direct, open honest conversations that addresses the issues of race, identity, religion, value and culture. We create a safe space where historic racism, gender bias and all phobic attitudes can be addressed head on.

    Mindset Shifts

    Through activities, discussions and case studies I guide participants through the attitude and mindset shifts that are required to show up at work ready to share bold ideas and listen with an open heart.

    Vision for the Future

    True innovation, creativity and inclusion thrive when equity, justice and respect are established. Individuals, communities and workplaces thrive when we understand our history and appreciate our interdependence.


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