I am an award winning entrepreneur who has over a decade of experience advocating, supporting and serving Muslim consumers. I am an expert on the modest consumer both from my experience serving thousands of them via my modest fashion company to supporting individual women through one-on-one coaching. Currently I offer advertisers, film and TV studios guidance to create full and accurate depictions of Muslim women by consulting on wardrobe and dialogue. I also consult with fashion brands so they can curate their collections to appeal to modest consumers of all faiths.


    selected press and speaking engagements

    Asked to submit my reflection one year after the 2017 Women's March on Washington.

    Wrote alongside Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellow, and creator of the Pussyhat. My belief is that women's collective power is what allowed us to finally see accountability for sexual predators.


    Won $50,000 prize at the 2016 BlogHer The Pitch competition.

    At the annual BlogHer 2016 conference I and four other entrepreneurs pitched our business to a panel of judges and 3000 conference attendees. The winner was selected by a combination of judging and public voting. Watch my pitch here.

    Guest on Steve Blank's, entrepreneur-turned-educator and creator of the Lean Startup movement, radio show.

    Steve Blank's show features founders sharing their experience of what it takes to build a startup. Hear how my husband and I met Steve, how we navigate our marriage and business, and more.


    Developed an article with journalist Maria Puente to showcase the various faith groups (Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Mormon) that are actively seeking modest fashion.

    Hear from the founders of some of the most engaged modest fashion brands.


    Good Experience Live (GEL) conference hosted by Mark Hurst, founder of Creative Good and author of Customers Included.

    The Gel conference showcases "customer experience innovators" before they hit the mainstream. It was the first speaking platform for Marissa Mayer (CEO Yahoo!), Salman Khan (CEO Khan Academy), and Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia).


    Feature in Pollen a Midwestern based community organization

    A deeper look at modest fashion. Delving into what it means for women's confidence and place in community.


    Profile on my goals from my Bush Foundation Leadership fellowship

    Won a two-year $75,000 fellowship to engage in community building in the greater Twin Cities area.


    Interviewed for the cover of the Star Tribune Style section by Sally McGraw, journalist and blogger at AlreadyPretty.

    The launch of Mode-sty which was spawned by the homogeneity of mainstream fashion.


    Minnesota Public Radio is one of the nation's premier public radio organizations, operating a regional network of more than three dozen stations in Minnesota.

    Hear how I was inspired by Nasty Gal and Sophia Amoruso to cater to and empower modest women.


    Giant Steps is a conference for creative entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial creatives. Inspiration, connections, and practical topics for advancing your work.

    Spoke at the 2012 conference on branding and at the 2014 conference on finding your audience. You can watch a clip of the 2014 conference here.



    I'm an expert on modest fashion retail, these are selected publications


    Beyond the Brukini Ban: Rules to Follow Regarding Women's Dress, Grok Nation

    In August 2016 a French mayor banned modest bathing suits or "Burkini" on his beach. My thoughts on the issue and the implications of the ban.


    The 4 Big Problems With "Ramadan" Fashion Collections, Refinery29

    Brands are trying to reach the Muslim consumer but they don't know much about Muslims or modesty. This has resulted in failed "Ramadan" collections.

    Read more of my Refinery29 articles.


    How to Capture the Modest Fashion Market

    The Muslim market is getting a lot of attention because it's projected to spend $485 of fashion by 2019. However no one has taken the time to understand the Muslim and modest fashion market to capitalize on this spending power.


    Fashion and Retail: Death by 1000 Needles

    Everyone is guessing why big fashion companies had a poor earning report in May 2016. I have a theory that it is because of the lack of meaningful customer engagement.


    White Paper: Uncovering the Modest Fashion Market

    A comprehensive look at modest fashion landscape. Outlining what modesty means, the consumer needs and size of the global market. Email me if you'd like to receive this white paper.


    Read More.

  • Coaching Testimonials

    I am a spiritual mindset coach helping Muslim women to identify blocks that prevent them from achieving the results they want in their life.


    Speaking with Zahra helped put much needed perspective into my life. Zahra personally connected with me and helped guide me to better understand myself while providing recommendations on how to approach my life and personal goals. The coaching session was very beneficial and no one should debate whether or not to speak to Zahra- just do it!


    Before the coaching session, I was anxious and feeling very stressed out about certain issues in my life regarding personal growth and my relationships with others. I was feeling pretty stuck and was going through the motions of life, my career, and relationships with self and others. After the coaching session, I felt so much clarity and was equipped with the knowledge and "next steps" on how to improve my life. Zahra offered a very judgment-free, compassionate lens to my situation, and it was as if a light bulb turned on in my head. I highly recommend working with Zahra for coaching sessions! She's amazing and it truly works!


    I was incredibly anxious prior to speaking with Zahra, but after, felt confident that I could face my challenges head on and be successful at achieving my goals. Zahra helped me see the root of my issues and gave me steps to take to make changes that would lead me to my ultimate goal.


    Reminded of firm belief in Allah. A relatable, down to earth person to talk to. I felt calm, more collected and inspired. Alhamdulillah.


    Before the session I was nervous and totally unsure of what the session would entail and how will I be able to talk for an hour, but the hour passed so quickly and I wished it hadn't. Zahra listened patiently and made me see the reasons behind my insecurities and self doubt and hopefully I can bring about the small changes she pointed out. Needless to say I felt much better afterwards and would totally recommend Zahra to anyone seeking a life coach.


    To be honest Zahra changed the way how to think positive Instead of the negativity that I used to talk to my self , I felt so happy that I took the chance to talk to her . Thank you Zahra, may Allah protect you and your family always.


    I had alot of negative self thought and negative self image and after one session her words of encouragement have truly stuck with me and I can no longer go back to that dark place I was in. Her words sort of constantly echo in my head when the negative thought swim back. I am really in awe of her ability to transform my bad thought of myself within only an hr.


    I am very happy with my coaching session with Zahra. It was the first time speaking to a life coach so I did not know what to expect and even if I would feel comfortable sharing details of my life. However, Zahra listened attentively to everything I said and spoke in a friendly and nonjudgmental way so I found it easy to share details with her. She asked follow up questions and provided suggestions to issues, while listening carefully to my reaction and noticing if there was more, or if I was unsure of something . That is the difference in speaking to a life coach like Zahra, it was immensely helpful to speak to someone who was actively listening to me, offering suggestions on dealing with issues, and providing steps on moving foward. It did not feel like a one sided conversation. After my first session with Zahra, I knew that more coaching sessions would be so helpful to me, since after the first I already felt less confused and overwhelmed.


    For anyone on the fence, I already did a coaching session with Zahra and it was LIFE changing!!! I went in with so many doubts + insecurities (basically alllllllllllllll the heaviness that comes with imposter syndrome) and literally after an hour with Z, I felt like I could conquer any challenge. Through analogies to the kardashian family + running a marathon, she helped me obtain SO MUCH CLARITY!! can't wait for you to become my consistent and long term life coach Z, you've got this!! 💪🏽


    As a brand new mom and working professional for the past ten years, I went into my coaching session with Zahra feeling unclear about how to evaluate and decide between the options for my next steps during my maternity leave. After my coaching session with Zahra, I felt more clear and grounded. I left our coaching session with a concrete plan of action items, focus areas and advice to guide my decision making process. I am thankful for Zahra's time, heartfelt listening and coaching.


    Zahra is incredibly compassionate and encouraging. Her uplifting attitude and optimism allowed me to benefit greatly and share that positive outlook. Through simple examples and a shift in perspective, Zahra helped me be kinder to myself, aim high, and see the bigger picture. She gave me some tools to be able to view things with a clearer lens, bringing things back to Allah and what truly matters. Thank you so much, Zahra!


    Before the coaching session, I felt like I had an aspiration but no clear path forward. After the session, I have manageable tips that I can work on every day to move me closer to my goals. Thank you, Zahra!


    check out the global destination for stylish modest women.

    I've brought together women of different faiths around their shared desire for modest fashion. Using fashion to build an interfaith community that is both a means of fostering connection and understanding and of our collective buying power. Mode-sty was the first multibrand online retailer dedicated to fashionable and conservative women. I'm an expert on the modest fashion which is estimated to be a nearly $500 billion market. In 2013, Mode-sty placed second in the MN Cup General Division and has been selected as one of the hottest fashion startups by Forbes (2012) and Business of Everything magazine (2013). Winner 2016 BlogHer Pitch Competition.